Bounce is a FUN cardio forward and Fusion-strength class. Bounce on the rebounder trampoline for lively bursts of (surprisingly low-impact) cardio intervals (HIIT) and steady-state flows incorporated with familiar movement from our Fusion class to offer total-body strength benefits.  This fast-paced class is a fun way to spike your heart rate and burn out every major muscle group. Equipment for this class includes the rebounder trampoline, resistance bands, resistance loops, light weights and optional Bala Bangles. Clean athletic shoes must be worn for this class.
Benefits of this style of movement:

  • Surprisingly low-impact
  • Cleanses the lymphatic system
  • Slows atrophy in the aging process
  • Builds bone density
  • Sustained cardio effect strengthens the heart 
  • Bouncing is just so much FUN!