About the Studio

Studio Elevate Fit is a boutique fitness concept offering unique group fitness formats and personal training. In our studio, you will experience top-in-class instruction from experienced instructors in a physically beautiful and welcoming setting. We value mindful movement and community and can’t wait to be your partners in your own personal path to elevation! 

About the Owner

I am Sarah Hellenbrand, Instructor, Trainer and Owner of Studio Elevate Fit. I am a Libertyville resident, wife to Zeke, mother to Eleanor (age 6) and living proof that healing and growth are possible when the mind and body unite and elevate. Which is a “woo woo” way of saying, mindful movement has made a huge impact on my life and I believe my purpose is to help others.

As a Fitness Instructor and Trainer I am committed to:

  • Safe, descriptive and educational cuing so you understand the “how”, “what” and “why’ behind all movement
  • Motivation and inspiration to help you connect with yourself 
  • Affirmations and encouragement to facilitate healing and growth
  • Humor and entertainment because life is heavy enough—we can do hard work but not take ourselves too seriously 🙂

As the Owner of Studio Elevate Fit I am committed to:

  • Providing a safe and inclusive sanctuary for our community (Hate has no home here and we believe in HAES)
  • Providing unique, interesting, effective and fun class formats coached by exceptional instructors
  • Getting to know clients as individuals and provide the avenues to create and strengthen community bonds
  • Being your biggest cheerleader in your own personal path to elevation